Yādgār, Aḥmad fl. ca. 965/1558


Aḥmad Yādgār is predominantly known for his work Tārīḫ-i salāṭīn-i Afāğinah, also referred to as Tārīḫ-i Šāhī, Maḫzan-i Afğanah, or Tārīḫ-i salātīn-i Lōdi va Sūrī. Tārīḫ-i salāṭīn-i Afāğinah is a history of the Lodi and Afghan dynasties and their struggles against the impending Mughal conquest between the period of ca. 855/1451 and 965/1558. Aḥmad Yādgār cites various sources from the time of Mughal rulers Akbar and Jahāngīr indicating that the work was not completed until the first quarter of the 11th/17th century. If Aḥmad Yādgār’s use of sources is taken in conjunction with his claim (in the preface) that he was a servant and witness to the last days of the Afghan kings in Bengal, then it is certainly possible that the events related in Tārīḫ-i salāṭīn-i Afāğinah are highly dubious.


Tārīḫ-i salāṭīn-i Afāğinah     The History of Afghan Sultans

Extends to 965/1558.