Uluğ Big, Muḥammad Ṭarāğāy ibn Šāhruḫ d. 853/1449

Tīmūrid Ruler

Muḥammad Ṭarāğāy ibn Šāhruḫ (called Uluğ Big) was the eldest son of Šāh Ruḫ (r. 807/1405 to 850/1447) and the grandson of Tīmūr. He spent most of his life as the Governor of Samarkand. When Šāh Ruḫ died in 850/1447 Uluğ Big sought to succeed him as the rightful heir. He achieved a modicum of success in solidifying his rule, however, the battle over Šāh Ruḫ’s successor remained constant military danger. He ruled for a little less than three years and died in 853/1449 at hands of a rebellious son.


Šajarat al-atrāk     Genealogical Tree of the Turks and Tatars [PHI site]

Šajarat al-atrāk is a history of Chingiz Khan, his ancestors and his descendants, extending to the time of Tīmūr.

Zij-i Jadīd-i Sulṭānī [Marshall #1807: 470; CHI, VI: 110]     New Astronomical Table of the Kingdom

Zij-i Jadīd-i Sulṭānī, also referred to as Zij-i Uluğ Big, is a work containing astronomical based on the observations of Uluğ Big and compiled by his collaborators.