Šaraf al-Dīn ʿAlī “Šaraf” Yazdī d. 858/1454

Šaraf al-Dīn ʿAlī Yazdī (who composed poetry under the penname “Šaraf”) was a reputable man of learning and composition during early to mid 9th/15th century Tīmūrid times. He was a favorite of both the Tīmūrid ruler Šāh Ruḫ (r. 807/1405 to 850/1447) and his son Mīrzā Abu al-Fath Ibrāhīm Sulṭān, who was the governor of Fars. Among Šaraf al-Dīn’s various works there is an anthology of Arabic and Persian poetry, a work on riddles, and a work on magic squares and lucky numbers. However, it is his work Ẓafar-nāmah, completed in 828/1424-5, which has brought him the most fame.


Ẓafar-nāmah     Book of Victory

Completed 828/1424-5.

Ẓafar-nāmah is a florid history of Tīmūr and his grandson Khalil Sulṭān. It was first compiled by Ibrāhīm Sulṭān from previous histories and eyewitness accounts, and then given its ornate posture by Šaraf al-Dīn. Šaraf al-Dīn ʿAlī Yazdī died in 858/1454.