Salīm-Allāh, Munšī (fl. ca. 1178/1764)


Salīm-Allāh served as munšī (secretary) to the governor of Bengal in the latter half of the 12th/18th century and later as munšī to Henry Vansittart, the East India Company Governor of Bengal from. Salīm-Allāh is mostly known for his work, Tavārīḫ (or Tārīḫ)-i Bangālā, completed ca. 1178/1764. Tavārīḫ-i Bangālā is a history of the last five Mughal governors of Bengal from 1107/1695-6 to 1169/1756.


Tavārīḫ -i Bangālā     The Histories (or History) of Bengal

Or Tārīḫ.

Completed ca. 1178/1764.