Nūr al-Ḥaqq “Mašriqī” Dihlāvī d. 1073/1662

Historian and Scholar

Nūr al-Ḥaqq “Mašriqī” Dihlāvī was the son of the renowned scholar and historian ʿAbd al-Ḥaqq “Ḥaqqī” Dihlavī Buḫārī (see author 4). Nūr al-Ḥaqq was a religious teacher, just as his father had been, and was appointed as a judge at Agra by Šāh Jahān. He wrote on both scholarly and historical topics, including two commentaries, in Persian, on the works of Bukhari (d. 256/869) and Muslim (d. 261/874), two great collectors of hadith. He enlarged and extended his father’s Tārīḫ-i Ḥaqqī (=Ẕikr al-Mulūk). He also composed poetry under the penname “Mašriqī.” Nūr al-Ḥaqq died in Delhi 1073/1662.


Zubdaħ al-tavārīḫ     The Choice Part of Histories

Extends to 1014/1605.

Zubdaħ al-tavārīḫ is an enlarged edition of Tārīḫ-i Ḥaqqī (=Ẕikr al-Mulūk) composed by the author’s father, ʿAbd al-Ḥaqq “Ḥaqqī” Dihlavī Buḫārī. The Zubdaħ al-tavārīḫ is a general history of India extending to the accession of Jahāngīr (see author 110) in 1014/1605.