Niʿmat-Allāh ibn Ḥabīb-Allāh Haravī d. 1024/1615


Niʿmat-Allāh ibn Ḥabīb-Allāh Haravī served as a historian to Mughal ruler Jahāngīr (see author 110) before entering the service of Ḫān-Jahān Lodī, a general in Jahāngīr’s army who would later unsuccessfully revolt against Mughal ruler Šāh Jahān. Niʿmat-Allāh’s one known is work is Tārīh i Ḫān-Jahānī which was named and dedicated for his patron.


001 Tārīh i Ḫān-Jahānī     The History of Ḫān-Jahān

Completed 1021/1612-13.

Tārīh i Ḫān-Jahānī is a history of the Afghans from the time of Ḫān-Jahān Lodī during the reign of Jahāngīr. It was completed in 1021/1613. Tārīh i Ḫān-Jahānī also appears in an abridged form under the title Maḫzan-i Afğānī. The most noticeable difference between Tārīh i Ḫān-Jahānī and Maḫzan-i Afğānī is that the latter does not contain a memoir of Ḫān-Jahān Lodī or any information relating to the life and reign of Jahāngīr. Niʿmat-Allāh’s date of death is not known for certain, but 1024/1615 has been offered as a likely possibility.