Mustaʿidd Ḫān, Muḥammad Sāqī d. ca. 1136/1723-4


Muḥammad Sāqī Mustaʿidd Ḫān spent his childhood close by the court of Mughal Emperor Awrangzīb (see author 30), as he was brought up by one of Awrangzīb’s most trusted confidants and servants, Muḥammad Baḫtāvar Ḫān (see author 37). Both under the patronage of Baḫtāvar Ḫān and after the latter’s death, Mustaʿidd Ḫān served the imperial government of Awrangzīb in various capacities and held numerous positions. Mustaʿidd Ḫān is known for his work Maʾāir-i ʿĀlamgīrī.


Maʾāir-i ʿĀlamgīrī     The Literary Works about Awrangzīb

Completed 1122/1710-11.

Maʾāir-i ʿĀlamgīrī is a history of the reign of Awrangzīb. For the first ten years of Awrangzīb’s reign, the author merely abridged Muḥammad Kāẓim’s Ālamgīr-nāmah (see author 146). The history of the final forty years of Awrangzīb’s reign, however, was compiled by Mustaʿidd Ḫān himself. Maʾāir-i ʿĀlamgīrī was completed in 1122/1710-11. Muḥammad Sāqī Mustaʿidd Ḫān died ca. 1136/1723-4.