“Muštāqī,” Šayḫ Rizq-Allāh ibn Saʿd Allāh Dihlavī d. 989/1581

Šayḫ Rizq-Allāh “Muštāqī” ibn Saʿd Allāh Dihlavī is predominantly known for his work Vāqiʿāt-i Muštāqī. Vāqiʿāt-i Muštāqī is a collection of narratives and anecdotes relating to the times of the Lodīs, Bābur, Humāyun, Akbar and others. The work was completed during the reign of Mughal ruler Akbar (r. 964/1556 to 1014/1605), however, it contains a great deal of information related to the Afghan kings and nobles who held positions of power prior to his reign. Additionally, Muštāqī composed poetry in both Hindi and Persian, using the penname of “Rājān” as a Hindi poet. He died in 989/1581.


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