Muḥammad Aslam ibn Muḥammad Ḥāfiẓ Parasrūrī fl. ca. 1184/1770-1

The fame of Muḥammad Aslam ibn Muḥammad Ḥāfiẓ Parasrūrī rests entirely on his work Farḥaħ al-Nāẓirīn. The author seems to have been inspired to write the work following his association with Colonel Gentil, a Frenchman who trained local soldiers to fight in modern warfare, and his company.


Farḥaħ al-Nāẓirīn     The Delight of Observers [Elliot&Dowson, v. VIII, chapter CV: PHI site]

Farḥaħ al-Nāẓirīn is a more or less a general history with a focus on what is today the county of India. It is divided into three parts: 1) the Prophets, Muḥammad, and the Imāms 2) Rulers prior to Tīmūr 3) Tīmūr and the Mughals extending to the twelfth year of Šāh ʿĀlam. The work was completed in 1184/1770-1.