Mufaẓẓal Ḫān, Sayyid fl. ca. 1153/1740


Little is known of Sayyid Mufaẓẓal Ḫān except that he was a scholar during the reign of Muḥammad Šāh. In his Tīmur-nāmah-i-Mufaẓẓalī, a work on the history of the Tīmurids, Mufaẓẓal Ḫān states that he was a slave of Muhhamad Šāh. Aside from Tīmur-nāmah-i-Mufaẓẓalī, Mufaẓẓal Ḫān also left his Tārīḫ-i Mufaẓẓalī, for which he is mostly known.


Tārīḫ-i Mufaẓẓalī completed ca. 1153/1740     The History by Mufaẓẓal

Tārīḫ-i Mufaẓẓalī is a general history from the earliest times to the reign of Farruḫ Siyar (1124/1713 to 1131/1719). The work was completed ca. 1153/1740.