Kāmgar Ḥusaynī, Ğayrat Ḫān, Ḫwajah d. 1050/1640-1


Kāmgar Ḥusaynī spent most of his life in the service of Mughal Emperor Šāh Jahān, though he had also served Šāh Jahān’s father, Jahāngīr (see author 110). Having gained favor after helping defeat a rebel and deliver his head to Šāh Jahān, he was bestowed the title of Ğayrat Ḫān. In the tenth year of Shah Jahan's reign, he was appointed Governor of Delhi. Later, he supervised the early stages of the building of the red fort and the new city of Šāh Jahānābād. He died in 1050/1640-1.

Kamgar Husayni is mostly known for his work of history entitled Maʾāir-i Jahāngīrī.


Maʾāir-i Jahāngīrī     Literary Works about Jahāngīr

Completed 1040/1630-31.

Maʾāir-i Jahāngīrī is a history of the early life and reign of Jahāngīr, including an account of events prior to Jahāngīr 's accession to the throne. Maʾāir-i Jahāngīrī was completed in 1040/1630-31.