Kamāl al-Dīn Iṣfahānī/Kamāl Ismāʿīl-i Iṣfahānī d. 635/1237-8(0113)

Kamāl al-Dīn Iṣfahānī (better known as Kamāl Ismāʿīl-i Iṣfahānī) spent most of his life in his native town of Iṣfahān. There he seems to have thrived mainly as a panegyrist, praising a host of local notables. Consequently, it was for his talent as a panegyrist that he was greatly respected and imitated by others. In addition to his Dīvān, which is not only his most recognized work but also contains most of the known information of his life, his other works include a short satirical manavī and an Arabic pamphlet on the bow. Several dates have been offered for his death but 635/1237-8 seems the most likely.


Dīvān     Collection of Short Poetry