Irādat Ḫān, Mubārak-Allāh “Vāżiḥ” d. 1128/1716


Mubārak-Allāh “Vāżiḥ” passed much of his life in the service of Mughal Emperor Awrangzīb (r. 1069/1658 to 1119/1707, see author 30) and his successors. It was Awrangzīb who conferred on him the title of Irādat Ḫān (definition?), the same title that both his father and grandfather held during the reigns of Awrangzīb’s predecessors. Irādat Ḫān is mostly known for his work entitled Tārīḫ-i Irādat Ḫān, also referred to as Maqtal al-salāṭīn or Mubārak-nāmah.


Tārīḫ-i Irādat Ḫān     The History by Irādat Ḫān

Completed 1126/1714.

Tārīḫ-i Irādat Ḫān is the author’s memoirs of the seven years following the death of Awrangzīb in 1118/1707 until the accession of Farruḫ Siyar in 1125/1713. The work was completed in 1126/1714. Aside from Tārīḫ-i Irādat Ḫān, he also left a dīvān of poems and a manavī. Irādat Ḫān died in 1128/1716.