Ḫwāfī, Zayn al-Dīn “Vafāʾī,” Šayḫ d. 940/1533-4

Šayḫ Zayn al-Dīn Ḫ wāfī, whose penname was “Vafāʾī,” was a poet affiliated with Mughal ruler Bābur (see author 35), who served as a sadr (def.?) during Bābur’s reign. Ḫ wāfī completed a work relating to Bābur’s famous memoirs (Vāqiʿāt-i Bāburī), however, it is unclear exactly what this work entails. It is likely that it is an ornately paraphrase of the memoir, or at least the portion relating to Babur’s endeavors in what is now India. Elliot and Dowson refer to this work as Tabaqāt-i Bāburī while Storey refrains from giving it a name. Ḫ wāfī also wrote a fatḥ nāmah (def.?) commemorating one of Babur’s battles. He died in 940/1533-4.


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