Harkaran ibn Māsūrādās Kanbū Multānī (fl. ca. 1040/1631)

Harkaran ibn Māsūrādās Kanbū Multānī served as a secretary to an influential eunuch and confidant of Mughal Emperor Jahāngīr (see author 110). Harkaran is known for his work Inšā-yi Harkaran, compiled between 1034/1625 and 1040/1631. Inšā-yi Harkaran is divided into seven sections and contains models of letters and other documents relating to the state. Furthermore, Inšā-yi Harkaran was used as a “model for diplomatic correspondence with the native princes and potentates” by the British in India and also as a model for school children learning Persian-letter writing in school.


Inšā-yi Harkaran     The Forms of Herkeren [Belfour: PHI shelf]

Compiled between 1034/1625 and 1040/1631.