Dawlatšāh ibn ʿAlāʾ al-Dawlah Baḫtīšāh Samarqandī, Amīr Dawlat-Šāh d. ca. 896/1490-1 or 900/1494-5


Dawlatšāh ibn ʿAlāʾ al-Dawlah Baḫtīšāh Samarqandī, or Amīr Dawlat-Šāh, is known for his well-regarded anthology of poets entitled Taẕkiraħ al-šuʿarāʾ (Memorial to the Poets) completed in 892/1487. Taẕkiraħ al-šuʿarāʾ consists of an introduction on the art of poetry, seven subsequent sections (each section containing information on roughly twenty poets and their patrons), and a concluding section on seven poets who were contemporaries of Dawlatšāh. Additionally, the final section includes the author’s praise for the Tīmūrid Prince Sulṭān Ḥusayn. Dawlatšāh’s date of death is not known for certain, but ca. 896/1490-1 or 900/1494-5 are likely possibilities.


Taẕkiraħ al-šuʿarāʾ     The Memorials of the Poets

Completed ca. 892/1487.