Čaturman (Sujān) Rāy Bhandārī, Munšī Also known as Sujān Singh D’hir. fl. ca. 1107/1695-6

Little is known of the life of Sujān Rāy Bhandārī. In the preface to Ḫulaṣaħ al-tavārīḫ, the work for which he is mostly known, he states that he was a munšī (secretary) in the civil and financial administration of the Mughal Empire.

Ḫulaṣaħ al-tavārīḫ is a general history of India from the earliest times to the accession of Awrangzīb (see author 30) in 1069/1659. It also includes valuable geographical information, as known at the time of Awrangzīb, and a full account of the battle of succession between Awrangzīb and his brothers.

The work was completed in 1107/1695-6.


Ḫulaṣaħ al-tavārīḫ     Summary of Histories

Completed 1107/1695-6.