Budh Sīngh Ḫatrī (fl. ca. 1178/1764-5)


Budh Sīngh Ḫatrī resided in Delhi and was in the service of Major James Browne, an East India Company agent who served as representative to the Mughal court. His only known work is Risālah-yi Nānak Šāh, also referred to as Risālah dar Aḥval-i-Nānak Šāh Dervish. Risālah-yi Nānak Šāh is an account of the Sikhs extending to 1178/1764-5. It was completed in 1197/1783.


Risālah-yi Nānak Šāh     The Treatise of Nānak Šāh

Completed 1197/1783.