Bāsiṭ, Ğulām fl. ca. 1196/1781-2


Ğulām Bāsiṭ served as munšī (secretary) to General Giles Stibbert, the Commander in Chief of the Bengal Army from 1191/1777 to 1193/1779 and 1198/1783 to 1200/1785. Ğulām Bāsiṭ is entirely known for the work Tārīḫ-i mamālik-i Hind, also referred to as Tārīḫ-i Bāsiṭ, composed in 1196/1781-2. Tārīḫ-i mamālik-i Hind is a short history of what is now present-day India and its rulers, extending to 1196/1781-2.


Tārīḫ-i mamālik-i Hind     The History of the Lands of Hindūstān

Composed 1196/1781-2.